Mrs. Faventaro
Appeared in Wizards: The Beginning
Status Alive
Actor Gabriella Whisler
"Today in Transfiguration, we will be learning how to….HAVE FUN while still learning"
―Mrs. Faventaro to the class[src]

Mrs. Faventaro is the Transfiguration teacher at The Academy of Wizardry Arts. She teaches them how to teleport two things to each other's places. She also revealed the spell to switch bodies in June.

History Edit

It is unknown when she found out about wizard blood or when she joined the school. The only thing known is that she was born in 1992 making her 23 years old.

Year One Edit

She taught the class how to switch a piano to a chairs spot and the chair to the piano's spot. She also seems to be close to Aphrodite calling her "child" in stead of Mrs. Clush and talking to her in a soft voice while speaking a loud voice to all the other kids. She taught Aphrodite how to switch bodies in June.

Family Edit

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown